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The Art of Venice
13 December 2011

Venetian Art

As one of the most magnificent cities in Europe and definitely one of the most renowned in Italy, Venice is bursting with more culture than can possibly be absorbed in one visit. If you have decided to head here for a Venice city break, you may want to consider another trip or two in an attempt to actually absorb and enjoy everything this glorious city has to offer.

Do not let the crowds discourage you, if you visit during high season you will no doubt be overwhelmed by the number of visitors who can be found in every nook and cranny in the city. Venice is a beautiful city of history, culture and passion and is a wonderful place to explore, even during the out off-season months.

One of the many attributes of this city is its art. Venice is simply filled with artists of every description, including writers, musicians, painters and sculptors. The art is what leaves such a magical impression on the eyes of those who visit. Everywhere you look there is a beautiful sculpture, soothing soprano or breathtaking fresco that simply must be admired.


Venice will always be remembered for its many famous painters, from Titian and Veronese to Turner, Manet, Giorgione, Tintoretto, Lorenzo and Paolo Veronese. Everywhere you turn there is evidence of the magic and talent that flows out of these incredible Venetian artists.


The city is also astounding for its impressive architecture. Just look around any of the popular squares and you will find yourself surrounded by historical beauty in the form of great old buildings. Architecture is ubiquitous in this city, which has seen many influences. Today, visitors can still witness the Veneto-Byzatine and Veneto-Gothic styles that flood the city from corner to corner.

There are also numerous buildings of great significance in Venice that will keep your camera clicking. Just walk the streets and alleyways and allow yourself to naturally stumble upon the exquisite churches, palaces and bridges that adorn this wondrous island. Take a moment to search out the Scuola San Evangeilista façade before you head over the Palace of the Doges for an afternoon walk through one of Venice’s most notorious palaces. Palazzo Flangini is another notable palace. This beautiful building remains unfinished, because the family never succeeded in purchasing the neighbouring building; however it is still a beautiful palace and well worth a look.

The Churches of Venice

There are numerous churches to explore and most have passed the 1,000-year old mark. Some of the more sought out include Church Madona de la Salute, which is noted for its beautiful bells that toll and can be heard across the city. The Church San Marcuola Cannaregio remains impressive, even though it is one of the few that was never embellished with marble or other forms of facades; however, its interior is rich and impressive and may just surprise you. Church Sant' Alvise Cannaregio is one of the impressive structures that can be seen along the waterfront and is splendid with its grandiose size and paintings.

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