National Parks

Holidays to National Parks

Its National Parks prove that the US has both wonderful cities and vast areas of natural beauty in between. Visiting the US to explore its National Parks can be the start of an absolutely unforgettable holiday.

Holidays to National Parks continue to stimulate even the most fervent of travellers who can scale the rocks and cliffs of the Grand Canyon, get a taste of seemingly unlimited wilderness in the Wrangell-St. Elias Natural Park in Alaska or stroll on the manicured lawns of the President’s Park at the White House.

Travellers can experience the grandeur of the White House and the President’s Park by arranging a tour of the building and its surroundings. White House tours need to be arranged through your embassy in Washington, DC. There is also a White House Visitor Centre that can be visited without prior arrangement. The visitor centre has six permanent exhibitions: First Families in the White House, Symbols and Images, White House Architecture, White House Interiors, Working White House and Ceremonies and Celebration.

Much depends on your personal taste when it comes to arranging holidays to National Parks. The White House is very different in nature from the rugged US interior, with National Parks in the south appealing to those seeking warm weather. National Parks closer to Canada or those in Alaska can be changeable in terms of the weather, although the scenery and animal life can be stunning wherever you go. Holidays in National Parks can open your eyes to the wonders of nature and the sheer splendour of days and nights in vast open spaces.

Yellowstone National Park is certainly an exciting destination. Yellowstone is home to grizzly bears, wolves, herds of bison, hot springs and geysers which bring to mind the old explorers and the aura of the Wild West. Yellowstone is spread through the US states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. There are many types of accommodation available in the park, from top range hotels to camping grounds and log cabins. You can travel around the park on a guided tour, or follow accessible trails that truly take you into a world you cannot experience anywhere else.

If US history is one of your interests or passions, the National Historical Park in Kentucky is centred on the birthplace and life of the 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln. The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Memorial and surroundings include a visitor centre with exhibits, literature and information points, the Memorial Building, Sinking Springs and walking trails.

National Parks holidays entertain, provoke and stimulate a visitor’s interest in nature, history and even politics. You can get to know the heart and soul of the US of which many of its citizens are so rightly proud.


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