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Tuscany offers an endless array of things to see and do for the holiday maker. Whether it's the almost legendary countryside with its rolling hills and quiet mountain paths, or maybe its formidable repository of fine arts, Tuscany really does stand out as an exquisite gem when it comes to holiday destinations. Combine this with world class cuisine and fine wines and you have the perfect combination of factors in this lovely part of Italy.


No less than 7 cultural gems in Tuscany have received UNESCO World Heritage status. Florence, often referred to as the Cradle of the Renaissance, is possibly one of the most beautiful historic centres in the world. The whole city is a veritable outdoor museum with its stunning cathedral and distinctive dome and bell tower. Florence is a place you could explore over and over and still discover hidden gems around every corner.

Piazza dei Miracoli

Another World Heritage Site is the Square of Miracles of Leaning Tower fame. The Piazza dei Miracoli began life in the 11th century starting with the construction of the cathedral tower and eventually the Leaning Tower and graveyard, which all work together to exhibit a delightful display of Romanesque architecture. The main attraction in the Piazza dei Miracoli is without a doubt the world famous Leaning Tower. The weak ground beneath doesn't support the tower in quite the way originally intended, but its distinguished peculiarity make it probably one of the most photographed and visited places in the world.

San Gimignano

Another UNESCO site is San Gimignano. This lovely town is the very embodiment of Tuscany with its fine architecture complimenting perfectly the local countryside. Immediately noticeable here are the great medieval towers that characterise the skyline.


Another historic masterpiece is to be found in Siena's historic centre with its beautiful mix of Gothic and medieval architecture. One of the most striking features of this historic city is its distinctive square, which is not so square at all as it is shell shaped. This fascinating piazza, Piazza del Campo, is divided into 9 segments which commemorates the 9 rulers who ruled the city between 1285 and 1355. Apart from the characteristic shape of the Piazza del Campo, other features include the Palazzo Publico (Town Hall) and the Torre del Mangia named after the nickname of its first bell ringer. If you're feeling fit, it's a 400 step climb to the top of this extraordinary masterpiece of Italian elegance. Once you arrive you'll be rewarded by wonderful vistas of the city and nearby countryside.

Pienza - the ideal city of man

Sometimes known as the ideal city of the Renaissance, Pienza was home to some spectacular Renaissance projects as well as being home to the famed humanist Enea Silvio Piccolomini who later became Pope Pius II. It was his goal to transform the village into a perfect and Utopian city that reflected his humanist philosophy. In many ways he succeeded. The city's cathedral, palace and Town Hall, all built around the central square, combine to give every impression of an ideal city as was the intention from the very start. Positioned as it is on top of a commanding hill, the city enjoys beautiful views of the nearby countryside with typically Tuscan undulating hills of the Orcia Valley.

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