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Tholos Holidays

Tholos has very little nightlife and is very secluded giving you the perfect resort to relax and escape from the busy world. Tholos is the type of resort where you just relax under the sun and is suitable for anyone that simply wants to relax.
  • Beach family holiday
  • Active beach holiday
  • Great local restaurants
  • Visit the quiet resort of Tholos, take time out to relax in the Greek climate. Perfect resort for families and couples who enjoy spending time near the hotel as most of the entertainment is in house. There is very little nightlife and it is a very secluded resort giving holiday makers the opportunity to relax but would not be suitable for teenagers. Not a commercial resort, there are few shops so if you need a break from the fast life but need some sun this is the perfect for you

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    Average Temperatures

    Max Temp (Celcius) 17 16 17 20 26 29 31 31 27 26 23 17
    Min Temp (Celcius) 8 9 7 13 17 20 22 23 21 17 14 11
    Avg Hours of Sun 4 4 5 8 10 11 13 12 11 9 7 5