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    Hotel Algarve Casino
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    Flor da Rocha
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Praia Da Rocha Holidays

The clifftop town of Praia da Rocha has been developed as a tourist destination since the 1930s and the town itself is now quite commercial. The advantage of this is that there are very many shops, selling a wide range of goods, and the accommodation in Praia da Rocha, although ranging from cheap holiday apartments to luxury hotels, is mostly equipped with whatever mod cons you might look for, such as broadband internet connections and air conditioning. The range of options makes it a good destination for a package holiday whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or with the family. Nearby Portimão should be considered part of the resort as the two places share many amenities. Praia da Rocha Beach itself, at the foot of the cliffs, is one of the least developed stretches of shoreline in the Algarve and also one of the longest. Although praia da Rocha means ‘Rocky Beach’, that refers to attractive outcrops in the sea and at the foot of the cliff as the beach is smooth, golden and pristine.

When to go and how to get there

Holidays to Praia da Rocha are popular with UK tourists, being less than three hours away by plane and relatively close to Faro airport; the transfer can be made in less than an hour using one of the many taxis available. Known for its year-round good weather, the Algarve experiences an average of 17 days of rainfall throughout the year, mostly between November and February, yet the temperature remains mild, even at its coldest. Many of our customers choose to go all inclusive, allowing them to judge how much money they will have to spare for visiting attractions and spending at the shops and the many fairs and not-to-be-missed markets that take place at the weekends.

Attractions near Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha and Portimão are home to a number of popular attractions, including the large water park, Slide and Splash and a well-stocked animal park, Zoo Lagos. Sporty visitors can hire horses to ride out in the region's beautiful landscape or try their hand at windsurfing down on Praia da Rocha Beach. Of course, this being Portugal, there is always the opportunity for a round or two of golf. At the end of the beach is one of the Algarve’s foremost historical landmarks, the impressive Santa Catarina mediaeval fortress; while it once served as protection from pirates, it now acts as a great point from which to view the region if you can cope with the journey up to it, via steps hewn into the cliff. There is a good range of places to eat in the area, often offering Portuguese dishes made using freshly caught fish, but because of the popularity of the area with British tourists, there are plenty of places where you can buy more familiar fare to keep the children happy.

Nightlife in Praia da Rocha

The nightlife revolves around a number of pubs, bars and clubs along the area's 'strip', which is mostly dominated by several popular Irish bars, such as Ireland's Eye and The Farmer's Pub, where you can, naturally, enjoy live music every night and have a good 'pub grub' type meal. Parties in the Agua Beach Club are lively and run seamlessly from the evening's dining into late-night dancing.

Best hotels in Praia da Rocha

The beautiful Bela Vista Hotel looks out over the ocean and provides a luxurious experience, with its own balcony restaurant, on-site pool and spa, but there are plenty of cheaper options that are best for a family holiday such as the Algarve Mor Apartments and the Club Amarilis Apartments. Jetline can offer great deals on a range of types of accommodation and the sooner you book, the greater your choice will be. Alternately, you can search right now and find a last minute holiday on our website, safe in the knowledge that our packages have been tried and tested for more than three decades and countless families have become satisfied Jetline customers.

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